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BONUS #1: 

The Missing LinkedIn Manual

If Prospectr LinkedIn is a cannon, consider this bonus as the gunpowder or the actual projectile.  While Prospectr is the tool, this is the strategy, and when used together, they can elevate your business to new heights.

This bonus guide introduces a groundbreaking approach to using LinkedIn, enabling you to effortlessly attract and engage with prospects, leading them to initiate sales calls and ultimately become your paying clients.

Discover the art of reaching out to e-commerce brand owners and key decision-makers across various industries, all on autopilot. You will also get the exact templates and techniques used to send automated messages and personalized outreach strategies, making your client acquisition process more efficient and effective.

Without exaggeration, Prospectr LinkedIn Edition may be only half effective without this blueprint, so do not miss out on this one.

BONUS #2: 

Ultimate Profile Optimisation Guide

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital business card and the first impression you make professionally.  A well-optimized profile can open new business, partnerships, and networking opportunities. If you want to make the most of Prospectr LinkedIn Edition, ensuring your LinkedIn presence stands out is crucial!

This is why you also get this ultimate LinkedIn Profile optimization guide to help you with a comprehensive profile overhaul so you can showcase your skills and accomplishments effectively, ultimately helping you establish trust with prospects the moment they land on your profile. This bonus alone will make Prospectr LinkedIn Edition two times more powerful.

BONUS #3: 

Conversation Starters

Starting a sales-oriented conversation with a stranger may seem like a mission impossible.  The challenge lies in finding the perfect balance – not too passive or aggressive, but just right, much like Goldilocks’ preference for porridge.

To make it easier for you and so you can get started right away, you will get a collection of 10 ready-to-use LinkedIn message templates. 

These templates are tailored to various LinkedIn scenarios designed to assist you in initiating sales-oriented conversations that can ultimately lead to more successful deals. Use them inside Prospectr LinkedIn Edition and start those conversations without wasting time.

BONUS #4: 

LinkedIn Outreach Script Templates

Are you looking to boost your engagement with potential clients on LinkedIn? Then, you will love this collection of expertly crafted outreach script templates.  These include strategies and templates for initial connection requests and inventive follow-up approaches designed to significantly increase your chances of meaningful interactions.

Tailor these templates to align perfectly with your agency’s unique needs and start connecting with a wealth of prospects eager to explore your services using Prospectr LinkedIn Edition.

You get an extensive range of templates, allowing you to experiment. If one approach doesn’t resonate, switch to another until you find the perfect fit for showcasing your offerings.

Exclusive Bonuses For ProspectrIn AI Launch 

BONUS #1: 

LinkedIn AI Profits

If you genuinely want to stand out on LinkedIn as a consultant and attract a ton of potential clients, one of the best things you can do is focus on LinkedIn carousels.  These dynamic, eye-catching posts can help you grab attention, tell engaging stories, and boost engagement. But creating them can be daunting.

This exclusive bonus guide will teach you how to create viral LinkedIn carousels in just 10 minutes using AI-powered tools, all for free. You don’t need graphic design skills or expensive software or write anything from scratch.

With step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn how to leverage AI to make stunning visuals and captivating narratives. 

This guide will help you elevate your LinkedIn presence, attract ideal clients, and watch your network grow with potential leads, ensuring you make the most of your purchase.

BONUS #2: 

Automatic Prospecting Blueprint and Client Acquisition Templates

Imagine sending an email in the morning and landing a $2500 sale by the afternoon! That’s exactly what this bonus will do for you:  transforming your cold emails into profitable client relationships with ease and a bit of fun!

This easy-to-follow guide is perfect for anyone keen to expand their client base. 

This guide simplifies the process of crafting an engaging three-part email sequence. You’ll learn to tailor your message to captivate your audience and present your offer most appealingly. 

But most importantly, you will learn how to automate your entire prospecting to close deals confidently even when you are away.

Use it with Prospectr LinkedIn Edition and truly automate your profit-making potential.



Learn the art of crafting compelling openers for LinkedIn and establishing meaningful connections without resorting to aggressive tactics.  With the method inside this bonus guide, you can build a LinkedIn presence that’s not just about numbers but about forming valuable, mutually beneficial relationships.

Inside, you will learn a strategy that centers on giving, not selling. Imagine connecting with your target market by offering them precisely what they desire, with no strings attached. 

This approach involves personalized messaging and selective connecting, ensuring you engage with prospects that align with your niche.

Use it with Prospectr LinkedIn Edition and finally close those highly selective, highly profitable, and high-ticket ideal clients that will pay you for months after months.


Invite & Follow-Up Message Combo

This bonus will up your LinkedIn game, help you make meaningful connections, and generate leads like a pro.  You will be able to craft engaging, personalized invites and follow-up messages that will get busy people to respond to you and say ’yes’ to your requests.

Plus, you will get access to an exclusive One/Two Punch template, a powerful tool for generating leads and creating interest with a blend of humor and honesty.

Combine it with Prospectr LinkedIn Edition to maximize your outreach efforts and close more clients than any other buyer.

Special Bonuses From 

BONUS #1: 

ChatGPT Prompts (3000 Prompts)

Write Creative Content of High-Value with Our Well-Researched, “ChatGPT Prompts”.   ChatGPT Prompts is a Cutting-edge Package of 3000 Prompts that fences in Prompts of almost every niche that you can think of to optimize ChatGPT.


2K ChatGPT Sales and Marketing Prompts

BONUS #3: 

ChatGPT Masterclass


Affiliate Marketing Gains


Affiliate Marketing Gains Upgrade Package


AWeber Crash Course 4.0


AWeber Crash Course 4.0 Advanced


LinkedIn Marketing School


LinkedIn Marketing School Upgrade Package

BONUS #10:

Internet Biz Systemization

BONUS #11:

Internet Biz Systemization Upgrade Package

BONUS #12:

Commission Ninja

BONUS #13:

Commission Ninja Upgrade Package

BONUS #14:

Social Media Marketing

BONUS #15:

Social Media Marketing Upgrade Package

BONUS #16:

Evergreen Email Marketing

BONUS #17:

Evergreen Email Marketing Upgrade Package

BONUS #18:

Affiliate Maestro

BONUS #19:

Social Media Hand Drawn Sticker

BONUS #20:

10K In 90 Days

BONUS #21:

10K In 90 Days Upgrade Package

BONUS #22:

How To Know The Hot Trends In Any Market Before Everyone Else

BONUS #23:

No Cost Opt-in Funnel Crash Course

BONUS #24:

Lead Magnet Crash Course

BONUS #25:

Power Traffic

BONUS #26:

Power Traffic Upgrade Package

BONUS #27:

Google Productivity Tools

BONUS #28:

Google Productivity Tools Upgrade Package

BONUS #29:

Live Masterclass On Couponing

BONUS #30:

Live Masterclass On AI

BONUS #31:

Content Marketing Champion

BONUS #32:

Content Marketing Champion Upgrade Package

BONUS #33:

Crush Excuses

BONUS #34:

Crush Excuses Upgrade Package

BONUS #35:

Mighty Mind

BONUS #36:

Mighty Mind Upgrade Package

BONUS #37:

10 Ways To Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

BONUS #38:

52 Weekly Newsletters On Face Care

BONUS #39:

52 Weekly Newsletters On Body Care

BONUS #40:

52 Weekly Newsletters On Baby Care

BONUS #41:

Snapchat Cash Farm

BONUS #42:

Pay Per Click Marketing A To Z

BONUS #43:

List Building Strategies That Really Work

BONUS #44:

Influential Freelancing

BONUS #45:

The Traveler’s Guide

BONUS #46:

Email Marketing Influence

BONUS #47:

Influential Blogging

BONUS #48:

Ecommerce With Shopify

BONUS #49:

Forex and Trading Expert

BONUS #50:

Photography Mastery

BONUS #51:

Coaching Business Success

BONUS #52:

Advertising Your Business

BONUS #53:

The JV Marketing Playbook

BONUS #54:

How To Start An Affiliate Program On WordPress

BONUS #55:

Instagram Traffic Boost

BONUS #56:

Intelligent One-Time Offers

BONUS #57:

Kindle Self-Publishing

BONUS #58:

Fast Learner Blueprint

BONUS #59:

Fast Learner Blueprint Upgrade Package

BONUS #60:

Domain Name Marketing

BONUS #61:

Virtual Networking Success 

BONUS #62:

Virtual Networking Success Upgrade Package

BONUS #63:

Video Marketing

BONUS #64:

Video Marketing Upgrade Package

BONUS #65:

CPA Finetuning

BONUS #66:

Wired To Succeed

BONUS #67:

Wired To Succeed Upgrade Package

BONUS #68:

White Label Dropshipping

BONUS #69:

White Label Dropshipping Upgrade Package

BONUS #70:

Leadership Supremacy

BONUS #71:

Leadership Supremacy Upgrade Package

BONUS #72:

Email List Ninja

BONUS #73:

Email List Ninja Upgrade Package

BONUS #74:

Transform Your Life

BONUS #75:

Transform Your Life Upgrade Package

BONUS #76:

Webinar Supremacy

BONUS #77:

Webinar Supremacy Upgrade Package

BONUS #78:

Passive Income Tycoon

BONUS #79:

Passive Income Tycoon Upgrade Package

BONUS #80:

Innovative Entrepreneur

BONUS #81:

Innovative Entrepreneur Upgrade Package

BONUS #82:

DFY Promo Emails

BONUS #83:

Instagram Riches

BONUS #84:

Instagram Riches Upgrade Package

BONUS #85:

Email List Guru

BONUS #86:

Email List Guru Upgrade Package

BONUS #87:

Product Launch Masterclass

BONUS #88:

Product Launch Playbook

BONUS #89:

Sell Your Creations with Etsy

BONUS #90:

Sell Your Creations with Etsy Advance Edition

BONUS #91:

Influential Sale Funnels

BONUS #92:

The Sales Funnels How To Guide

BONUS #93:

Funnels and Firesales

BONUS #94:

JVZoo Funnels Made Easy

BONUS #95:

Warp Speed Your Site

BONUS #96:

Warp Speed Your Site Upgrade Package

BONUS #97:

Just Launch

BONUS #98:

Just Launch Upgrade Package

BONUS #99:

TikTok Ad Training Kit

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